My name is Mish Michaels and for years everyone called me by the title meteorologist. Now most people call me “Mommy Mish” including my 5 year old daughter! When I was her age, an EF2 tornado (113-157mph) cut through my neighborhood uprooting many trees, like the one behind me in this picture. I will never forget the awesome power. I watched the entire storm unfold before my eyes. It was pure magic! I have been searching the skies ever since!

I went on to study meteorology in college and then worked for NBC and CBS in Boston. In between, I spent time hosting a weather magazine show called Atmospheres on The Weather Channel. Through my work as a weather forecaster, storm chaser and environmental reporter, I have covered some of the biggest storms in our local history from Hurricane Bob to the April Fool’s Blizzard of ’97, the Mother’s Day Floods of 2006 and the New England Ice Storm of 2008. I flew into Hurricane Isabel on a C-130 Hurricane Hunter aircraft, chased tornadoes with research meteorologists in the Midwest, and broadcast from the top of Mount Washington in the middle of winter.

My adventures with The Weather Channel had me wind surfing in Aruba, ice climbing in Calgary, flying over volcanoes in Hawaii and studying ozone depletion in the Swiss Alps. But truly one of my greatest adventures to date is raising my daughter. Through her eyes, my childhood love for weather has been rekindled. I have been reminded of how fun it is to play in puddles, to build a snowman and to watch the sky again with the wonder of a child. Our experiences together inspired me to create Natural Cloud Cover.

The collections are my own personal designs — organic clothing for the weather watcher in every kid! Each piece is built for atmospheric adventures and outdoor comfort. I hope your kids enjoy watching the sky while wearing our clothing!

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